┍Du riechst so gut ┙

I dont know!!!! I dont know a single thing about myself!!!!
well Im going to say that I am an eighteen-year-old girl whos interested in art (thats what Im studying), history, Morse Code!,true crime and recently coding and all that is 90s/2000s related. Ive always felt that my thoughts wasnt shared fully. Some of my own reality inside my mind isnt released at all, with anyone. Lets see if I can open up more ...I also want to improve my coding skills , my english and explore neocities. Jane is not my real name. Thats something to keep hush hush :) In this page I am going to be as intense as i want to. My political views as well as my opinions on controversial topics are strong and it shows. I wont add "trigger warnings" as I find them ridiculous, so good luck.I try to make this page interesting, its almost pathetic. Im always changing stuff!! Im cringey!!!
.--- . ..-. ..-. .-. . -.-- / . .--. ... - . .. -. / -.. .. -.. -. - / -.- .. .-.. .-.. / .... .. -- ... . .-.. ..-. .-.-.

follow my ig if you want to see my pretty face!! @vore.reb